In the area of Bogue Farm are many strange names for some of the features. An explanation of some can be found here. Taken from the book Lights and Shadows of Scottish Character and Scenery, by "Cincinnatus Caledonius" published in 1824.


When Grierson of Lagg and Graham of Claverhouse were traversing Galloway for the destruction of Covenanters, some families, at their peril, concealed the persecuted, and carried them victuals. Among these, Ramsay in Bogue was one. He wished well at all times to his king; but he also wished well to virtue and his country.

There were some sequestered spots in his farm, where the persecuted often met; and to Holy Linn, Society Holm, and Cushat Craggs, himself or his children would carry bread to the hungry. The persecutors had spies, — the doings of Ramsay were known, — he was summoned before the Council of Scotland. Who was to manage his farm in his absence? Who was to cut his corn, and carry it to the barn? For it was the eve of autumn when he was summoned away.

No matter — his corn was shorn, and carried to the barn-yard; 'twas also threshed and carried to the kiln. The fields of Ramsay were seen waving yellow on the one day, and were observed to be cut down and stooked on the next. This was observed with astonishment.

But it had been whispered for some weeks past, that the Bogue was frequented by brownies! They were seen issuing, under night, from the woods near the Garpal. They were seen, with long cloaks, about the Cushie Craigs; and they had been observed cowering away from the Ox-byre, towards the large spring-well beyond it. No wonder, then, that the large croft west from the well was standing at night and stooked in the morning! No wonder, "ae night there wasna ae threshen sheaf in a' the barn, an' the neist mornin' ten pecks o' threshen aits."

Well, blessed be the brownies. They had a strange howff about the Bogue. "Ramsay got his work very strangely wrought." (So the neighbours said.) But how indeed was it wrought? And who were these brownies? The poor persecuted, who got bread and clothes from the family of Ramsay, now cut his corn in his absence. In the moonlight they stole from the wood and the stream, and, like unearthly beings indeed, dealt heavenly gratitude to the family of their benefactor. The Covenanters alone were the brownies! Their victuals were sometimes carried, under night, to that croft; and they came to slake their thirst at the forenamed fountain. And while they stood there, under the spreading ash, often did they, (like the Bride of Lammermoorand her dear Ravenswood, at the Mermaid's Fountain,) often did these persecuted vow love to heaven, love to one another, and gratitude to their benefactor. They got a candle by night, also, and in pairs threshed their sustainer's grain. They took his horses, under the September moon, and housed his corn; or sometimes carried the threshen grain to the mill.

Through the influence of Kenmure, (a friend to the persecuted, and Ramsay's own landlord,) the tenant of Bogue was dismissed. He was indeed fined. He scorned to deny the sustenance he had given; but he had not borne arms. He was therefore dismissed, and returned to his family.

The helpful persecuted were happy at his return. He blessed them for their harvest aid; and they blessed him for renewed shelter. He abated not his kindness. The frowns of guilty power bore small terror to him. He would not curse his king; but he would succour affliction.

The storm at length abated. William of Orange landed in England. In Scotland persecution came to an end. Presbyterianism, industry, and allegiance returned. The peasantry "forgot not to assemble themselves together;" but they now assembled in their native churches.

Never, however, shall the writer of this forget the perils of his forefathers. Never may he be ashamed of the sufferings of his ancestors.

While he can wander through the woods, or saunter by the sacred stream, he will not easily forego such reminiscences. To him. shall Holy Linn and Holy Croft have renewed charms. Often shall he walk by Society Holm and Cushat Craggs; nor will he cease to bless the Brownie's Croft and Brownie's Well.

May the same Great Being, who taught his forefathers to withstand oppression, teach him to withstand it also. May the Benevolent Power, who inspired them with compassion for the persecuted, also bequeath the same sound spirit to their successor!