List of Freeholders for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright at made up at the meeting to chose their "Representative at the Parliamentof Great Britain" summoned to meet at Westminster the 10th of August 1790. Published in " A view of the political state of Scotland at the late general election" in Edinburgh in 1790.

Freeholders for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 1790.

James Laurie of Barnsoul
William Craik of Arbigland
James Ewart of Muttock (Mullock)
James Murray of Broughton
Adam Mure of Livingston
Patrick Heron of Heron
David Maxwell of Cardoness
Alexander Gordon of Campbellton
David McCulloch of Ardwall
Captain James Hamilton Birnie of Almorness
James Newall of Stranfasket
Sir Adam Fergusson of Kilkerran, Bart.
George Maxwell of Carruchan
The Honourable Keith Stewart of Grinnan (Grennan)
John McAdam of Craigingillan
James McMillan of Barlae
David Blair of Borgue
Major Basil Heron of Drumnaught
Daniel Agnew of Ochiltree
Charles Warner Dunbar of Machirmore
Peter Johnston of Carnsalloch
James Fraser writer to the signet
John Hunter of Ironfillan
Sir James Riddell of Ardnamurchan and Sunart, Bart.
David Maitland of Barcaple
John Ross McKye of Netherlaw
Charles Sharp of Hoddam
Walter Lawrie of Redcastle
Alexander Abercromby writer to the signet
Dr. James Hunter of Chappleton (Chapelton)
James Irving of Gribton
Thomas Stothart of Arkland
Adam Thomson of Muncraig
John Welsh sheriff substitute of Dumfries
John Gordon, junior, writer to the signet
Thomas Bushby of Kimpleton (Kempleton)
Captain John Smith of the 37th regiment of foot
John Wright collector of Excise at Ayr
John Ross younger of Cairnbrock
Robert Smith of Broompark
Captain Robert Christie of the 38th regiment of foot
David Rae of Eskgrove, Esq. one of the Senators of the College of Justice
Colonel James Stewart of Lochens
John Orr, Esq. of Barrowfield
Sir John Gordon of Earlston, Bart.
Bruce Campbell Esq. at Mayfield
Thomas Young of Youngfield
Lieutenant Thomas Goldie of Cruiks
Sir Robert Lawrie of Maxwelton, Bart.
William Stewart of Shambelly
Edward Maxwell late younger Cargin (Cargen)
Mr. George McClellan rector at Layton
Samuel Spalding of Holm
Horatius Cannan of Barlae
Captain John Dalrymple of Dunraggit
Wellwood Maxwell of Barncleugh
John McDowal of Logan
John Spalding of Killorhy
James Loch of Dunduigh
The Reverend Mr. James Muirhead of Logan
William Carlyle of Drungans
David Thomson of Ingleston
Samuel Brown of Barharrow
William Corrie of Dunrod
Captain Adam Gordon of the 81st regiment of foot
Davld Blair of Beltenmont
David Newall writer in Dumfries
James McCourtie writer in Kirkcudbright
Simon McKenzie writer in Dumfries
Joseph Goldie of Craigmuil
Edgar Corrie of Redbank
Alexander Murray younger of Inglistown
Lieutenant John Johnston late of the 3d regiment of foot
John Clark late provost of Dumfries
Patrick Maxwell of Shields
John Heron younger of Ingistown
John Martin of Kilnhanity
Robert Gordon of Threave Grange
William McGeorge merchant, London
John Urquhart writer in Edinburgh
John M'Morine writer in Dumfries
John Hamilton of Aldershaw
Ebenezer Shaw of Drumrash
John McCulloch of Barholm
Robert Riddell, Esq. of Glenriddell
Quintin McAdam son of David McAdam of Grimmet
John Agnew, lawful son of John Agnew of Sheuchan
The Reverend John McNaught of Claughreid
Joseph Bushby purser of his Majesty's ship Berwick
Patrick McDowal writer in Dumfries
Major General Alexander Stewart
Henry Home writer to the signet
Lieutenant Alexander McAdam, late of the 58th regiment of foot
John Ramsay writer in Dumfries
George Tod writer in Edinburgh
Sir George Dunbar of Mochrum, Bart.
Sir William Miller of Glenlee, Bart.
Thomas Irving, Esq. presently residing in London
Mark Sproat in London
Alexander Kennedy of Knockgray
Alexander Muir McKenzie of Cassencarry
William Stewart of Castlestewart
Robert Dalzell of Glenae, Esq. advocate
Alexander Fergusson of Craigdarroch, Esq. advocate
Edward Armstrong, Esq. advocate
Nathaniel Duke late of Leaths
James Spottiswood writer in Edinburgh
Hugh Walker merchant in Dumfries
John Hannay tenant in Riffart park
Benjamin Bell writer in Dumfries
William MCWhinnie merchant in Kirkcudbright
Anthony Kerr tenant in Meiklewood
John Wallace writer in Wigton
Thomas Yeamans Eliot residing at Linwick
John Livingston of Airds
John Gordon of Carleton
Sir Samuel Hannay of Mochrum, Bart.
Alexander Copland of Grange
Michael Herries as liferenter of Spotts
William Herries his son, as fiar of Spotts, to vote in absence of the liferenter
Thomas Gordon of Balmaghie
William Hannay of Bargally
John Bushby sheriff-clerk of Dumfries
John Aikin jun. writer in Dumfries
John Clark jun. writer in Dumfries
John Maxwell of Terraughty
William Cuninghame of Duchrae
Thomas Cuninghame younger of Duchrae Esq. advocate
Lieutenant John Blair younger of Borgue
John Dickson of Fairgirth
John Newall of Barskeoch Newall
William Bushby of Kimpletown
James Douglas of Orchardton
John Hannay of Ruscoe
Johnston Hannay of Torrs
James Stothart of Cargen
Robert Whigham of Culfad
Edward Whigham of Boghall
The Reverend Doctor David Lamont of Erncrogo
Alexander Wylie of Corsock
James Tweedale of Glenlaggan
Alexander Spalding Gordon of Holm
The Honourable John Douglas of Auchlane
The Honourable Dunbar Douglas of Milnthird
The Honourable Alexander Douglas of Gribtal (Gribdae)
John Gordon of Kinmore
James McMichan of Meikle Furthhead (Meikle Firthhead)
John Bushby Maitland of Eccles, Esq, advocate
Ramsay Hannay Esq. of Bardriston
William Johnston Esq. of the Island of Madeira
Paul Mounsey of Ramerscailes
William Copland Esq. of Collieston,
Thomas Cairns of Dundrennan
Alexander Gordon of Culvennan
William Campbell of Queenshill
Major General Alexander Stewart was unanimously elected.