Wedding Notices Published in Local Newspapers

Local newspapers etc often carry notices submitted by relatives and friends to publicly record the recent marriages of people connected to the area. These are a valuable asset to anyone researching their family tree. We have started researching these records for the Kirkcudbrightshire area. Please use one of the search boxes on the left to access our records. Note that the unqualified use of the name "Dalry" refers to Dalry, Kirkcudbrightshire and "Gatehouse" refers to Gatehouse of Fleet.

27 May 1939
Wilfred Kirkham and Peggy Gray : At Twynholm Parish Church, Wilfred, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Kirkham, Horwich, Lancashire, to Peggy, third daughter of Duncan Gray and the late Mrs Gray, Twynholm.

02 June 1939
John Gilbert Meikle and Helen Aitken : At Blair, Dailly, John, son of the late George Meikle, and Mrs Meikle, Glengap, Twynholm, to Ella, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Alexander Aitken.

06 June 1939
William Gordon Conchar and Georgina Lister Kirk : At Crossmichael Manse, William, of Crossmichael, to Georgina, of Buchan, Castle Douglas.

06 June 1939
William Hughes and Rose Docherty : At St John's R C Church, Castle Douglas, William, 24 Carlingwark Street, to Rose, 28 Meadow View, Castle Douglas.

08 June 1939
Thomas Clark and Eleanor McLellan Colvin : At the Douglas Arms Hotel, Castle Douglas, Thomas, only son of the late Mr William Clark, and Mrs Clark, 97 Queen Street, Castle Douglas, to Eleanor, third daughter of Mr & Mrs T Colvin, 2 Abercromby Square, Castle Douglas.

08 June 1939
William James Fisher and Jane Donald Ferguson : At Watsonburn, New Cumnock, William, son of the late Mr & Mrs Robert Fisher, Flathill, Rerrick, to Jane, second daughter of Mr & Mrs John Ferguson.

09 June 1939
Alexander Murray Hughan and Molly Campbell : At Borgue Parish Church, Alexander, elser son of Mr & Mrs N M Hughan, Drumwall, Gatehouse, to Molly, third daughter of Mr & Mrs W G Campbell, Enrick, Gatehouse

09 June 1939
William Haining McNish and Elizabeth Margaret Mason : At Balmaclellan Manse, William, youngest son of Mr & Mrs McNish, Bogleknowe, Balmaclellan, to Ena, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs George Mason, 13 Falkland Road, Eastriggs.

10 June 1939
Thomas Corson and Dorothy May Gibson : At St George's Presbyterian Church, Blackburn, Thomas, son of Mr & Mrs Corson, Arvie, Corsock, to Dorothy, elder daughter of Mrs and the late Mr W Gibson, Blackburn.

14 June 1939
Arthur William Oliver and Isabel Bickerstaff Bryden : At the Crown Hotel, Castle Douglas, Arthur, of Fairfield, Castle Douglas, to Isabel, only daughter of Mr & Mrs W Bryden, Glenivor, Castle Douglas.

17 June 1939
John Hamilton Robb and Helen Frederick McColm : At the Royal Hotel, Kirkcudbright, John, eldest son of the late Provost John Robb, M.A., and of Mrs Robb, 31 Castle Street, Kirkcudbright, to Helen, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs W F McColm, Dunbar Cottage, Tongland.

19 June 1939
Robert Ernest Fawcett and Annie Paterson Clark : At Ayr, Robert, son of the late Mr Fawcett, and Mrs Fawcett, Bonnybridge, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late Mr & Mrs David Clark, Kirkcudbright.

21 June 1939
Stewart Nichol and Sarah Seaton : At Mill House, Auchencairn, Stewart, son of Mr & Mrs Nichol, 14 Victoria Street, Gatehouse, to Sarah, daughter of Mr Seaton, and the late Mrs Seaton, Levenshulme, Manchester.

22 June 1939
William Gordon Mollons and Jean Adair : At St Andrew's Church, Castle Douglas, William, only son of Mr & Mrs David Mollons, Castle Douglas, to Jean, second daughter of Mr & Mrs John Adair, Abbey-yard, Castle Douglas.

23 June 1939
Thomas Latimer and Helen Hyslop Muir : At Wood Park, Balmaclellan, Thomas, eldest son of the late John Latimer, and of Mrs Latimer, Wylie's Brae, New Galloway, to Helen, only daughter of the late Robert Muir, and of Mrs Muir, Wood Park, Balmaclellan.

24 June 1939
James Hunter Pringle and Sarah Crosbie : At Ardmannoch Cottage, James, fourth son of Mr W Pringle, and the late Mrs Pringle, Overton Cottage, New Galloway, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Crosbie, and Mrs Crosbie, Ardmannoch Cottage, Knockvennie, Castle Douglas.

29 June 1939
James McG Locke and Elizabeth Seggie : At the Crown Hotel, Castle Douglas, James, elder son of the late Mr & Mrs Locke, 91 Queen Street, Castle Douglas, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr P Seggie, Monton, and the late Mrs Seggie, and grand-daughter of Mrs Cowan, Railway Terrace, Castle Douglas.

06 July 1939
James Andrew Coulthard and Margaret Gillespie Wright : At the Imperial Hotel Castle Douglas, James, youngest son of the late Mr Peter Coulthard, and of Mrs Coulthard, Twynholm, to Margaret, second daughter of ex-Sergeant and Mrs Wright, 27 King Street, Castle Douglas.

07 July 1939
David Smith Marshall and Jean Twiname : At Gledpark, Borgue, David, son of Mr & Mrs William Marshall, Meikleyett, Tongland, to Jean second daughter of Mr & Mrs John Twiname, Gledpark, Borgue.

11 July 1939
William Maxwell and Mary McCrorie : At St Patrick's Church, Birnieknowe, Auchinleck, William, son of Mr George Maxwell, and the late Mrs Maxwell, Newton Stewart, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs McCrorie, Castle Douglas.

14 July 1939
John McDowall Jackson and Maud Forrest Brown : At Strathbungo Parish Church, Glasgow, John, second son of the late Mr John M Jackson, and Mrs Jackson, 128 McCulloch Street, Pollockshields, to Maud, second daughter of the late Mr & Mrs William Brown, Kirkcudbright.

15 July 1939
James McAlpine Donald and Anna Sutherland Stewart : At East Church, Inverness, James, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Donald, Riversdale, Kirkcudbright, to Anna, Elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Stewart, Durness, Lairg.

18 July 1939
Alexander Reid Smith and Jean Devoy Fisher : At the Imperial Hotel, Castle Douglas, Alexander, only son of Samuel Smith and the late Mrs Smith, 60 Railway Terrace, Castle Douglas, to Jean, second daughter of Mr & Mrs John Fisher, 66 Queen Street, Castle Douglas.

19 July 1939
John J M Torbett and Mary Jane Thomson : At the station Hotel, Castle Douglas, John, of London, to Molly (Tweedie), 239 King Street, Castle Douglas.

21 July 1939
James McNish and Edith Rutherford : At the Hall, Corsock, James, eldest son of Mr & Mrs William McNish, Balmaclellan, to Edith, eldest daughter of the late Stephen Rutherford, and Mrs Rutherford, Woodside, Corsock.

22 July 1939
Amos William Baty and Jessie Keenan : At St John's RC Church, Castle Douglas, Amos, 35 Prescelly Place, Edgeware, London, to Jessie, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs J Keenan, Derby Place, Castle Douglas.

29 July 1939
John Proctor MacKenzie M.A. and Barbara Caird Clark : At St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Kirkcudbright, John, son of the late Mr John M MacKenzie, and of Mrs MacKenzie, 13 Allan Street, Aberdeen, to Barbara, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs David Clark, Braeside, Kirkcudbright.

01 August 1939
William McClure Hislop and Mary McKie : At Rosebank, Castle Douglas, William, second son of Mr & Mrs William Hislop, Linkfield, Lamlash, Isle of Arran, to Mary, only daughter of Mr & Mrs D McKie, Rosebank, Castle Douglas.

03 August 1939
Albert R Crosbie and Janet Galloway McCrae : At Airds of Balcary, Auchencairn, Albert, Chapelton, Dundrennan, to Jetta, youngest daughter of the late James McCrae, and Mrs McCrae, Airds of Balcary.

03 August 1939
James Wilson and Marion Thomson Carter : At the Bath Hotel, Glasgow, James, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Alexander Wilson, Dalry, to Marion, only daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Robert carter, 46 Dixon Road, Crosshill, Glasgow.