The Parish of Buittle

 General Histories

Dalbeattie, Urr and Buittle Parishes By Malcolm McL Harper:
Taken from Malcolm McLachlan Harper's "Rambles in Galloway", published in 1876, this is an good introduction to the Parishes of Urr and Buittle, and to Dalbeattie - View Page

The Granite Quarries of the Stewartry By David Bremner:
Extracted from: The Industries of Scotland: their rise, progress, and present condition, by David Bremner. Published in Edinburgh, 1869. Craignair Quarry in Buittle, Kirkmabreck Quarry, and the Dalbeattie Granite Industry. - View Page

Buittle - The Castle and its History By James Affleck:
Buittle Castle was once occupied by the Balliol family who played an important role in the history of Scotland - View Page