The Parish of Kirkcudbright

 General Histories

Extracts from Kirkcudbright Records. By W Dickie:
From: Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History & Antiquarian Society, 1900-01. - View Page

Kirkcudbright - Parish and Burgh By Malcolm McL Harper:
Taken from Malcolm McLachlan Harper's "Rambles in Galloway", published in 1876, this is an excellent introduction to Kirkcudbright Parish and Burgh - View Page

A Tour Thro' the Whole of Great Britain 1778 By Daniel Defoe:
In volume 3 of his works, Defoe records his visit to Kirkcudbright. His often quoted "Harbour without Ships, a Port without Trade, a Fishery without Nets, a People without Business" is contained in the article. - View Page

Old Galloway Fairs and Trysts – Kirkcudbright. By J Affleck:
During the summer of 1919 the Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser published a series of articles entitles "Old Galloway Fairs and Trysts" 4 of the articles related to Kirkcudbright, - View Page

Lochfergus By James Afleck:
The story of Lochfergus, built by Fergus, first Lord of Galloway. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Incorporated Trades 1744 - 1799. By J Robison:
Being the second of Two Lectures given to the Members of the Six Incorporated Trades - View Page

The Mary B. Mitchell By David R Collin:
Story of the schooner Mary B Mitchell whose anchor is displayed at Kirkcudbright Harbour and whose remains lie near Senwick Church, Borgue. - View Page

Kirkcudbright: The Story of an Ancient Royal Burgh. By George Ogilvie Elder:
Published about 1895, by Adam Rae, Castle Douglas. 40 pages in 3 Chapters - View Page

Kidnapped By unknown:
An incident of old-time Kirkcudbright. - View Page

The Topographical, Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland, Vol 2 By unknown:
Published in 1856, these extracts deal with both the parish and royal burgh of Kirkcudbright. - View Page

A Journey Through Scotland (before 1723) By John Macky:
In Familiar Letters from a Gentleman Here to his Friend Abroad. First Published in London in 1723. First Letter - Kirkcudbright to Dumfries. - View Page

Unveiling of Town Council and Incorporated Trades Coats-of-Arms. By unknown:
From 1922 this report describes the unveiling ceremony of two new coats-of-arms in the Parish Church and their meaning and origins. - View Page

A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain Vol 6. By Rev. Clement Cruttwell:
Published in 1801, Cutwell visited Kirkcudbright and Dundrennan Abbey. - View Page

Attack on Kirkcudbright in 1547 By Nicolson & Burn:
In the book History of the Antiquities of Westmoreland and Cumberland, published in 1777, notice is taken of a manuscript account of a raid on Kirkcudbright in 1547. - View Page

Kirkcudbright 100 Years Ago By James Affleck:
Published in 1921 this article by James Affleck appeared in the Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser, and lists many of the townspeople of 100 years earlier. - View Page

The Nova Scotia ‘Gentlemen Adventurers’ By "J.R.":
Kirkcudbright's place in the creation of Nova Scotia and the sailing of the Planter from here in 1622, just two years after the Mayflower sailed. - View Page

By Gone Days in Auld Kirkcoobrie By John Graham:
(Galloway News, Nov. 1962) - View Page

United Presbyterian Church, Kirkcudbright (Burgher) By Rev. Robert Small:
From the "History of the congregations of the United Presbyterian Church, from 1733 to 1900," Volume 1. By Rev. Robert Small - View Page

The Scottish Invasion of Man in 1456 and Manx Raid on Kirkcudbright in 1457 By William Cubbon:
In 1456 James II launched an invasion of the Isle of Man from Kirkcudbright which resulted in a Manx raid on the town the following year. - View Page

The Harbour at Kirkcudbright By John Rennie:
Published as a supplement to the Reports for the Commissioners in 1848, this report looks at the state of Kirkcudbright harbour at the end of the 18th century and considers how to improve it. - View Page

Kirkcudbright in 1853. By A Fullerton (Publishers):
Extracted from "The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland" published in 1853, includes many items of historical interest. - View Page

Kirkcudbright in the Sixteenth Century By Mr W Dickie:
Taken from the Kirkcudbright Burgh Records of the sixteenth century, this article appeared in the Transactions of the Dumfries and Galloway Natural History & Antiquarian Society in 1908. - View Page

The Old Clock of Kirkcudbright By John McKie:
The history of the old Tolbooth clock with it's single hand and two faces. Written by a past curator of the Stewartry Museum in 1897. - View Page